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Statement of Servant of the People party of Ukraine: Ukraine asks the world to inflict a critical hit on Russia's economy

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Statement of Servant of the People party of Ukraine: Ukraine asks the world to inflict a critical hit on Russia's economy

Putin continues to shell Ukraine. He wants the destruction of our country, which refused to surrender to him. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers hold the attack and protect both the civilian population and all foreign nationals in our territories. The Ukrainian army is the shield of Europe today.

We are grateful to Europe and the United States for sanctions against the aggressor. But we need more help.
Today, the solidarity of the whole world against the aggressor is of the utmost importance. Putin is trying to destroy Ukraine; he is not only threatening Europe’s security – he is undermining the whole world order. The President of Russia shows that aggressive actions will now become the rule for all international politics. If Russia wins, the entire world will ignite from conflicts, violations of international law, and the sovereignty of nations. Putin has already hinted at the possibility of using nuclear weapons. What are other arguments needed for the world to sever any relations with Russia completely?

We call on all those who care about the world we live in. But don’t think that it’s none of your business. In Europe or Asia, on every continent, the Putinism virus will catch up with you as quickly as Covid-19. But the consequences will be much worse.

We call on all countries of the world to:
❗Sever or suspend relations with Russia.
❗Join the sanctions already imposed.
❗Close the sky to Russian aviation.
❗Stop rail traffic.
❗Deny your viewer access to Russia’s false information resources and not believe the fakes they broadcast.
❗Help Ukraine: with weapons, humanitarian goods, and words of support.

We are now taking part in peace talks. But we know that Putin’s regime is based on outright lies and fakes. So we do not believe their promises. And we ask the people of other countries not to believe what Russia is saying.

The time has come to show that this world is worth living for. It is everyone’s responsibility to remove the deadly threat to the world in the form of the Putin regime!


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