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Servant of the People Meets UK Libdems

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Servant of the People Meets UK Libdems

Members of the Parliament and staff experts of the Servant of the People (SP) Party met virtually with their counterparts from the UK Liberal Democrats on April 21. The UK Liberal democrats MPs included representatives of both Chambers – the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

During the meeting, SP International Secretary, MP Vadym Halaichuk presented the vision, concept, and history of the Servant of the People Party as a Ukrainian centrist party, created with a vision of reforming Ukraine’s politics. Currently associate ALDE member, SP works to receive full membership this summer. MPs Oleksandr Sanchenko, Honorary Head of SP Youth Wing and Maryna Bardina, leader of the Womens Wing presented those wings’ activities. MP Yevheniia Kravchuk, Deputy Head of Political Council and ALDE delegation in PACE updated UK partners on recent diplomatic initiatives of Ukrainian Parlamentarians visiting world capitals and international organizations.

The center of discussion was how to help Ukraine win in Russia’s war against Ukraine – the UK Liberal democrats have been dedicated and unwavering champions of supporting Ukraine, as MP, MEP, and Executive Committee member of the global liberal organization Liberal International Phil Bennion emphasized in his eloquent address. ALDE Party congress in Dublin in June and Liberal International will be looking forward to deepening the integration with the Servant of the People Party.

Specific initiatives by MPs Maryna Bardina advocating for support of the victims of sexual crimes committed by Russian military in Ukraine and Yevheniia Kravchuk advocating for the need to support humanitarian demining efforts in Ukraine was welcomed by UK Libdem partners – addressed during the discussion by MP, Baroness Sal Brinton, MP Irina von Wiese, MP Merlene Emerson, and other meeting participants. Representatives of both parties agreed to continue and develop the partnership and future contacts.


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